Smokers and spitters, wigglers and winkers, nudgers and knee lifters, hair raisers and hand shakers: they've got 'em all in the 800+ collection of ventriloquist figures at the Vent Haven Museum.

Located in an unsuspecting neighborhood in Fort Mitchell, right off of Dixie Highway, Vent Haven opened in 1973 after a long-time, colorful beginning.


The museum's founder, William Shakespeare Berger, bought his first dummy in New York City in 1910. He wasn't a ventriloquist, just a lover of Vaudeville. Since 1930, dummies began to fill the Berger household, taking over the bedrooms, the dining room, and eventually spilling out into the garage.
Christmas dinner at the Berger household, dummies included.

Tommy Baloney, Mr. Berger's first dummy.

Portrait of Mr. Berger with animated mouth and eyes.

Berger passed away in 1972 with a collection of over 500 dummies. His property was put into a charitable foundation and dedicated as a three-building museum the following year. The only ventriloquist museum in the world, this institution receives 1,200 guests a year.

Can you find me?
Trying out my ventriloquist skills.

With wall-to-wall figures and thousands of photographs, there is a favorite for everyone at Vent Haven. From modern plush puppets to the oldest wooden dummy dating back to 1820, this museum really does have it all.

The museum's oldest dummy, dating back to 1820.

This 1800s dummy was made with glass eyes, human hair, and real teeth.
You could obtain such supplies from the local barber.
Walking dummies. Just pump their arm and they walked along side of you.
A walking dummy in action.

Our guide, Jen, shows us how this walking dummy transforms into a clock.

These dummies were found in a trunk that washed ashore after the ventriloquist died in a tragic ship accident.
Jen explains how a dummy moves by buttons and levers made from ordinary household products.

Mr. Berger with a chart teaching about how to speak without moving your lips.

Jimmy Carter

Ronald Reagan

An Abraham Lincoln that looks nothing like Abraham Lincoln.

Michael Jackson

John Lennon?
A dummy for every stereotype.


Lamb Chop!

A dummy that is a mug.

Bull from Night Court

This dummy has moving eyes, eyebrows, ears, lips, nose, teeth, and surprise hair.