I've got some 'splainin to do about this awesome Broadway rendition of I Love Lucy!

Enter the Aronoff. The audience was a mix of both young people and age-old fans -- proof that Lucy continues to be a timeless classic. Plenty of people were dressed in Lucy-similar fashion: bright dresses, pinned up hair, and ruby red lips. It was a fun touch to see people showing their excitment for the show in their fashion choice.

Now, I'm a casual Lucy watcher. I wouldn't be savvy at trivia, but enjoy the plotlines and humor. My friend Allie accompanied me; she's a hard core fan. Both of us were heartily entertained by the non-traditional musical. Going in blind, I thought I Love Lucy would be one of those recreations of a star's career, similar to Million Dollar Quartet or Ring of Fire. Lucy is not one of those musicals.

Curtains up! The audience became a live studio audience as 1950s television cameras panned around the stage, makeup and wardrobe artists fluffed and primped the talent, painting a glimpse into what a real, live I Love Lucy production would look like. With more acting than singing, the cast "broadcasts" two episodes with all your favorite antics: trips to the doctor, Club Babalu, ukeleles, and your favorite supporting cast members: Ricky, Ethel, and Fred.

Leads Thea Brooks, Euriamis Losada, Kevin Remington and Lori Hammel do a smashing job of embracing their characters, including look, voice, and quirky mannerisms. With plenty of hilarity, an occasional tune, and (my favorite part of the show) the old-timey advertisement jingles for products such as Brylcreem, Alka-Seltzer, Mr. Clean, and "See the USA in your Chevolet!" everyone can find enjoyment in falling in love with Lucy all over again.

I Love Lucy
runs at The Aronoff through June 14, 2015.