A holiday classic, How The Grinch Stole Christmas turned Broadway musical stars as the seasonal show at the Aronoff. The adaptation of the Dr. Seuss book was rumored to be similar to the animated story, but instead delivered like the Jim Carrey movie. If you're a fan, you'll enjoy this version too.

Photo courtesy of Broadway Across America

The story features the scheming Grinch who has "a heart two sizes too small" and a strong dislike of Christmastime. In an attempt to thwart the festivities, the Grinch steals Christmas away from the holiday-loving Whos. Complete with candy-colored yuletide costumes and cartoon-like choreography, Grinch: The Musical is a special way to start off the holidays with your family.

Photo courtesy of Broadway Across America

Most definitely a family-friendly show, this may be a good time to suggest an "Adults Only" section at the Aronoff, similar to sections at the movie theatre that are designated for age 21+. Watching the Grinch parade around stage brought back fond memories of my youth. However, it was the child sitting behind us that was the true Grinch of the show, whose behavior distracted from becoming immersed in the story.

Photo courtesy of Broadway Across America

Fortunately, Grinch: The Musical is familiar enough to follow along. If you're an adult looking to reminisce with the show, consider splurging on some of the pricier seats, which tend to have fewer families with small children.

Grinch: The Musical runs at The Aronoff through December 1, 2013.


Local holiday shopping kicked off on Saturday with the Crafty Supermarket Holiday Show hosted inside Music Hall. With over 90 vendors and hundreds of new items, shoppers were sure to find something for everyone on their list.

Of course, considering that this year was also Crafty Supermarket's largest-ever turnout at 4,000+, attendees may have missed an item or two. Worry not! CincyWhimsy perused every aisle and created a collection of 15 favorite finds, many of which are available online from the retailer.



Formerly a chemist for Bath & Body Works, Hannah Follis has developed a line of fragrances, eye shadows, and lipsticks that are cruelty-free and look and smell amazing. Unlike standard vegan-friendly cosmetics, which tend to be crude or have limited appeal beyond the environmentalist crowd, Aromi is a beauty line that everyone can love. With a dozen luscious scents, 15 bold shades of lipstick, and even a line of colognes for men, Aromi provides a polished look with the quality of a national store, but with your dollar instead going straight to an entrepreneur.


Not one, but two unique gifts caught my attention at Steam Whistle Letterpress: a customizable leather notebook and a rubber stamp set featuring Cincinnati landmarks, like Music Hall, Union Terminal or historic row houses. Located in Over-The-Rhine, owner Brian Stuparyk prints everything using old-fashioned letterpress machines, giving everything from greeting cards to book covers a crisp, historic finish. For the event, Brian used a foil press to create lettering on the leather notebooks.


Capturing nostalgia and the imagination, artist Jesiiii uses wood (sometimes with bark attached) as her canvas. Bright colors and darling characters compliment the punny phrases scribed around them, such as "To gnome you is to love you," or "It's meow or never." Cheer up any room with one of her portraits, or make friends with a Pocket Pal: a quarter-sized, egg-shaped wooden charater that slips right into your pocket.


Kate Funk loves to dress up her cat, in a way that takes "crazy cat lady" to a new level. From iPhone covers to throw pillows and holiday cards, her feline muse, AC, shows off his personality on every form of medium that Kate can think of. Forget the birds; let's put a cat on it.


It's the candle shop that will catch even a man's attention. Outfitted in you favorite craft beer bottle, Burning River Candle Company features uniquely scented soy candles use natural wax and their own hand-cut and polished recycled glass bottles.


Scientists and Motown; two topics rarely to be crafted, and even more rare to find as a combination in one shop. Jodi Lynn's Emporium of Doodles has all your nerdy obscurities covered, including hand-etched magnets and keyrings of anything from Smokey Robinson to Schrodinger's Cat.



Pop art sensation Darin Shock not only draws; he also creates hand-carvings of his illustrations. This weekend he showed off his Cincinnati Flying Pig and Pete Rose figures. With many other sports stars and music icons in his collection, State of Shock is the place to snag that special gift for the collector who thinks he has everything.


Pillows, plush toys, and even wallets, the Bearmojo factory is cranking out the cutest monsters in the world. Bright and furry, these creatures immediately caught my eye from across the room. Crafted for the "UnGrownup" yet perfectly suitable for children, any present from Bearmojo is guaranteed to steal the show this holiday season.


A real-life Etsy storefront in Columbus, Wholly Craft! is a retail shop for all Cbus creatives who need a place to sell their wares. Some of the selection was brought to Crafty Supermarket, including this little gem, a "Killer Nightlight" which features a kitten holding a gun. That will keep the monsters away!


Speaking of cats, we fell in love with vendor Alison Rose for a second year in a row after spotting this shirt: a cat created out of many miniature cats! You may remember CincyWhimsy swooning over her fortune holder wallets during the previous holiday season, and yes, she still has those available too.


But wait...there's even more cat stuff!  Located in Northside, Fabricate is Cincinnati's version of a retail Etsy store, selling the wares of many crafters in a brick-and-mortar shop. One of their many selections includes these knitted caps with kitten ears. There are many different breeds of hats, such as black cat, Siamese, orange tabby, or grey tabby. Super soft and warm, these hats are the next best thing to having a cat on your lap to stay cozy.


Looking for a retail Etsy store on the West Side? Broadhope Art Collective has you covered! Located across the street from Westwood Town Hall, Broadhope features dozens of local artists and crafters merchandise with convenient parking and shopping hours. They also host crafting classes, like the make-your-own-button demonstration at Crafty Supermarket.


Long before Pinterest, Nicole Lewis was recycling her own crayons. Melting down old nubs of Crayolas to make a new, big rainbow crayon became her passion. Her business, Art 2 The Extreme is the original creator of the recycled crayon, and offers over 100 shapes and sizes of her colorful creations, including icons ranging from fortune cookies to Lego bricks.


Making another exciting return to the blog are the Cincinnati neighborhood ornaments by Sarah Horn Ceramics. These charming dangles of hometown pride topped CincyWhimsy's list last year as our favorite holiday present. Now they're back and in more variety than ever, featuring all 52 neighborhoods plus your favorite places in Northern Kentucky and Indiana.


Taking a different approach to the word "craft," the Music Hall Ballroom Bar was serving up cocktails all day during Crafty Supermarket. From mimosas to martinis, the jovial bartenders kept everyone in good spirits throughout the afternoon.

15.) INNAD

One of the most practical and much-welcomed gifts of the season is that of a new wallet. Let's face it; they wear out every year or so and as the owner, we get so attached to our comfortable, familar wallet that it's challenging to find a replacement that matches up. When gifted from a friend, however, the new wallet comes with sentiment; a fond memory of a loved one every time you reach for your credit card. To help with your transition, Innad designed a series of sleek, durable wallets and check book covers, such as the always-handy transit map.


Cincinnati's leading evening jazz venue is turning up the heat in the kitchen. Founded as a jazz club in 1973 by Paul and Marjean Wisby, Blue Wisp has hosted a continuous stream of national and local jazz talent for nearly 40 years. Originating in O'Bryonville then moving Downtown, the current location at 7th and Race Streets in the heart of the Central Business District has visitors hungry for good food and good music.

Its prime location near many of the Downtown Fortune 500 companies make it a convenient stop for lunch. Combining quick service with hearty homecooking, Blue Wisp is the perfect spot for those looking for an affordable meal that's more than just a grab-n-go sandwich.

Open for lunch on Wednesday, Thursday, and Fridays from 11:00-2:00, Blue Wisp serves up ten meals for $10 or less. Some favorites include:

  • Battered Tilapia Sandwich served on a bakery hoagie roll with Cajun remoulade and shredded lettuce
  • Crab Cake Sandwich served on sourdough bread with lettuce and tomato
  • Chef's Cuban Sandwich with smoked pork belly, ham, Swiss cheese with mustard, mayo, and pickles served on pressed sourdough bread
  • Veggie Tacos on soft flour tortillas filled with roasted vegetables and black beans, topped with shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes and avocado salsa
  • Blue Wisp Chicken and Waffles lightly breaded chicken served with bacon cheddar waffles
  • Pulled Pork BBQ Sliders topped with coleslaw
  • Hummus Trio Roasted Red Pepper, Black Bean, and Original hummus served with pita chips
  • Build-Your-Own Burger with a choice of 14 gourmet toppings for only $7.00


Quite possibly the most humourous play you will see all year, Boeing Boeing at The Carnegie in Covington will keep you flying high with laughter. Set in 1965, Parisian bachelor Bernard is engaged to Gloria. And to Gabriella. And to Gretchen. All three ladies are beautiful flight attendants hailing from the United States, Italy, and Germany. Each have regular layovers in France, precisely enough that has allowed Bernard to juggle three women without them finding out about one another.

But when Boeing invents a faster aircraft engine and all three fiancees return home on the same evening, it leads to a series of slamming doors, hidden women, and nick-of-time maneuvers as Bernard tries desperately to save his perfect bachelor fantasy.

Caught in the midst of Bernard's lovelife are his traditional-valued friend visiting from Wisconsin and Bernard's cratchity French maid. Both become wound up in the lies and have very different ways of handling the revolving doors of women.


Boeing Boeing is a delightfully hilarious play that caters to all types of humor: from clever to crass, there's a character for everyone. Men will give this their stamp of approval, so if you've been looking for the perfect show to get your mate interested in theatre, this is it!

Boeing Boeing runs through November 24 on Friday and Saturday evening at 7:30 p.m. and on Sunday at 3:00 p.m. Tickets are only $24.00.


Commonly referred to as Cincinnati's other abandoned subway, METRO held an open house during Ubahn Music Festival for the public to tour the Riverfront Transit Center and debunk the myth that the structure sits unused.

Located underneath the Second Street overpass between the stadiums, Riverfront Transit Center opened in 2003 for METRO and TANK buses, charter buses and school buses visiting the riverfront. The tunnel can accommodate over 500 buses and 20,000 passengers per hour. Originally, it was designed to include commuter rail transit, which was never implemented due to a failed referendum in 2002; just six months before the Riverfront Transit Center was to open.

Thus grew the legend that Cincinnati had abandoned another rail facility, much like the 2.2 miles of unused subway tunnels leftover from 1928. With street-level portals and underground entrances that resembled that of a subway system, one can certainly imagine what it would have been like to have rail Downtown.


Riverfront Transit Center is lined with beautiful tiled mosaics, each representing an activity of daily life: work, chores, food and leisure.


Though without rail, METRO, operator of the Riverfront Transit Center, continued to use the structure for its intended purpose. Currently, it serves as a parking facility for charter buses, school buses, and 12-passenger vans during all Reds and Bengals games for $30. Cars and small vehicles are not allowed in the RTC. It is also used as a layover destination for the new Metro*Plus buses. While solely used for wheel-and-axel vehicles, provisions have been made to accommodate commuter rail in the future.