Recently, Lumenocity posted a cheeky Dos and Don'ts list with tips for attending the multi-day festivities. I have a few more to add:

DO remember that you're in a neighborhood. Conduct yourself as if you were on your home street, being considerate that residents may be asleep when you leave Lumenocity.

DON'T litter, pee in stairwells, walk through flowerbeds, or congregate in doorways when others are trying to enter/exit.

He's about to step on some plants...

DO use designated crosswalks as there will be extensive traffic and motorists unfamiliar with navigating city streets.

DO take the bus, as parking will be at capacity during the event. If attending Lumenocity on a weekday, Metro*Plus has a 30 minute journey from Nordstrom at Kenwood Mall to Downtown, dropping you off within walking distance of the event.

For both weekend and weekday, if you live near:
I-75 (between Downtown and Springdale): ride Route 78
Northside: ride Route 17 or 19
Westwood: ride Route 64 or 21
Mt. Lookout: ride Route 24
Each of the above also drop off/pick up within walking distance of Lumenocity. Roundtrip cost: $3.50 per person.

If you choose to drive, DO remember to use the pay-and-display machine if you don't see a parking meter. Street parking is enforced until 9:00pm.

If you park in a garage, DON'T take up multiple spaces. Check to make sure all four tires are inside the lines.

A crowd queues at a parking lot after Lumenocity.

DO visit a new or favorite local restaurant.

DON'T put your name on six restaurant waitlists, take the first available, and forget to cancel the rest.

DO wear practical walking shoes. Ladies, leave the stilettos at home.

DO keep track of your handbag. This is an urban area with an event attracting thousands of people. There will be pickpockets. I recommend a crossbody bag with zipper closure.

DON'T forget to pack some bug spray or lemongrass oil to ward off insect bites.

DO check out the historic Cincinnati LEGO displays at Music Hall.

DON'T bring your iPad to film Lumenocity. The people seated behind you bought tickets to watch the show, not to watch it through your glowing, 12" screen.

DO wear your salmon shorts, the OTR trend of the summer.

DO pick up after yourselves. Or you may become b-roll in an indie film: